When the Sun Broke Through

     I dropped this photo in at the end of last week's blog post as kind of a teaser of the payoff for what you might get when you stay out all day hoping for something good to happen. I've since decided it deserves its own time in the spotlight. It was a fun & exciting moment for me and the others with me, so I'll share some more about the experience.

     I'd planned this trip to Moab for our group for months, but the weather had been turning out less than ideal. Cloudy, rainy, generally dreary. In watching the forecast though, I thought we might have a chnace for a break in the clouds late in the second day. As the day wore on, it did start to materialize a bit, and as sunset drew near a small crack opened on the western horizon. The nearest appropriate destination for us to take advantage was the Balanced Rock area, so I gathered my group and we quickly drove to the parking area. We hurried out of the car and literally ran across the rode and up the rock hillside across from Balanced Rock. Sure enough, as the sun neared the horizon it broke through the clouds enough to shine that deep red light on the near landscape. It was an exciting few minutes, moving from spot to spot trying to dial in the composition, until the sun again slipped behind the clouds and the warm sunset light was lost. While the clouds in the sky didn't light up as well, they do have enough definition to keep them interesting, and you do get a peek of the La Sal Mountains in the distance as well. It turned out to be a worthy end to the day. The clouds continued to clear out into the night as well, providing a great night shooting opportunity. Look for more about that coming up!

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