It's beginning to look a lot like Spring Time

     The spring season is just starting to arrive here on the plains at the base of the Front Range. While there is still the threat of snow for at least another month, the tree in front of my townhouse has broken out into full bloom. In honor of the changing season, this week I'm highlighting one of my favorite more recent spring photos.

    Living at the base of the mountains here in Colorado, you can chase the spring season for a long time. While it's showing its earliest signs down here now, most of the flowers won't start blooming out for another couple of months or so. Then, as those fade out you can just start going higher up into the mountains to find more. The cycle will continue through most of the summer, with flowers at the highest elevations still showing their colors into August. The Arrowleaf Ragworts by this waterfall were still in full bloom in August 2015, when I took this photo high up in Loch Vale along Icy Brook. My destination that day was Sky Pond, which is a grand adventure any time of year, but is especially nice in the summer when the flowers are out all over by the brook. I noticed all the yellow flowers filling a marshy meadow just off the trail, so I stepped off for a bit to get some photos. When I saw this little cascade of water coming off the hillside, I knew I had to feature it. It really is amazing the brilliant colors that come out up in the mountains during the short time the flowers and plants have to bloom. The tundra flowers can be particularly brilliant, so small and yet so colorful in such a harsh environment.

     I hope you enjoy the spring season wherever you are. If you're lucky enough like me to live close to some mountains, chase the season up the hills along with me. You can do this even in lower elevations, I used to do the same thing in the Great Smoky Mountains when I lived in Tennessee. There, the flowers start blooming in March, and last on the highest ridges well into July. Check out my new Spring Gallery to see more of my spring season photos. If you're enjoying following my posts here on my blog, don't forget to follow me on Facebook & Instagram as well. You'll often see my latest photos there first! If you'd like to order a print of this image, just click on it above and you'll be taken to my art store where you can place your order. Thanks for following along!